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After installing Perian on Apple TV, you can play xvid and divx video. To trick iTunes into syncing these video, you have to save them as self-contained QuickTime movies.

Save As Mov is a droplet that saves videos as self-contained QuickTime movies.

This does not involve re-encoding the video, so the process takes only about a minute.

This has been proven NOT to work. While the files can be loaded into iTunes, when it tries to sync with the AppleTV it complains that they are of the wrong format. Currently the only method of playing alternative videos is:

  1. Manually place them in the Media folder using a tool like gnupod. This way, you can access the files through the default AppleTV interface.
  2. Manually load the files onto the AppleTV, and use a program like VLC or CenterStage.
  3. How to get iTunes to sync other video formats to Apple TV