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  • NitoTV 0.2.5b10 released, Music playback, photo streaming, new mplayer, unplayed markers, QuickTime volume control/sub toggling/audio selection/OSD, major bug fixes (99.99% on the screen release..) and much more
  • Citrix How to install the Citrix Client for Max OSX and connect to Citrix Web Interface published through Citrix Secure Gateway
  • Streamer 0.1.2 released, now includes AppleTV v1.1
  • Activating color Composite output by software
  • ATVFiles 0.5.1 released
  • Step by step guide to getting Firefox running on your AppleTV with a USB Keyboard and mouse.
  • Step by Step Guide to Playing DivX Files from a NAS‎: A compilation of several sources of information into one page. Simple and easier to follow than Turbo's kextloader.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b9 released, Smart update from intel mounts, hide file sizes, easy USB patching, volume blacklists, custom mounts and SEVERAL big bug fixes
  • ATVFiles 0.5.0 released
  • JamanTV plugin released. View movies from Jaman, an alternative movie download service on your AppleTV
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b8 released, Smart Installer!, Safe Update, Shuffle Playlists, view the console log, bug fixes, Cover Art Regeneration and more!
  • Sapphire Beta 4 Preview - See what's coming.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b7 released, QuickTime playlist support, mixed playback support (some extensions in mplayer, some in QuickTime) New installation manager for Perian and additional mplayer codecs, bug fixes, shortcuts and more...

Note: Some features may be non-operational with semthex's legal kernel recompile.

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