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'''Archived 11th Oct. 2010'''
* [[PatchStickBuilder]] 3.0 Added Support for 3.0.2
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.4 3.0.2 Support
* '''[[AppleTV OS 3.0.2]]''' has been RELEASED.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.5 RSS / sapphire conflict fixed, new MPlayer build, new MPlayer args for hi profile h.264, major bugfixes, quicktime playback improved in 3.x + more
* [[Broadcom_HD_Decoder]] - Apple TV 1080p support (XBMC only)
* [http://blog.para9.com DVDpedia FrontRow and AppleTV plug-in 2.0.6] released with AppleTV 3.0.1 support.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.4 MPlayer exit crash bug fixed (hopefully), memory leak cleanups, major maintenance release, read wiki for extra info.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.3 DVD Importing/Autoimport fixed, Fixed some screen release and compatibility issues with pre 3.x versions.Added support in 3.x for the extra play/pause button on the new Apple remotes. Various bug fixes
* [[aTVitter]] 1.1: The first Twitter client on the AppleTV platform now supports firmware 3.0.1
* [[Sapphire]] b7.7 released
* [[SoftwareMenu]] 1.0b1 3.0.1 Support, major code rewrites added an autoinstaller .run file
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.3 3.0.1 Support
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.2: 3.0.1 Support, fixed version check bug that was misreporting anything under or over 3.0 leading to various bugs in all versions. Various smart installer bug fixes.
* '''[[AppleTV OS 3.0.1]]''' has been RELEASED.
* [[Sapphire]] b7.6 added support for AppleTV 3.0
* [[BackRow_3.0_SDK]] - almost ready to deploy SDK for developing 3.0 compatible frappliances with XCode 3.x on Snow Leopard (template included)
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.2 3.0 Support
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.1: 3.0 Support, bug fixes, QuickTime improvement (only in OSes < 3.0)
* [[LaunchMore]] 0.4 Added support for firmware 3.0
* '''[[AppleTV OS 3.0]]''' New AppleTV OS release 3.0
* [http://www.macrumors.com/2009/10/29/new-itunes-store-terms-suggest-impending-apple-tv-3-0-software-update/ Impending Apple TV 3.0 Software Update]
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.1 Bug fixes, error dialog for missing os links online. Crash report finder added to help menu
* [http://www.para9.com/en/front_row_plugin.html DVDpedia FrontRow and AppleTV plug-in 2.0.5] released with AppleTV 2.4 support.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.8.0: Improved weather section, important bug fixes, gesture improvements, audio/subtitle default preferences added, and more.
* [[Sapphire]] b7 "CoreData Preview" now available for testing [http://appletv.nanopi.net/284/sapphire-beta-7-coredata-preview// Download Here]
* [[aTVitter]] 1.0: The first Twitter client on the AppleTV platform.
* [[EmulatorsPlugIn]] 2.1: AppleTV 2.4 and SDL-MAME support
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.7.9: Improved Gesture Support in MPlayer and DVDPlayback, various bug fixes, sub-font size selection, more
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.7.8: Improved preview generation, updated localization file, fixed gesture bugs and network crash.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.7.7 [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] gesture support, improved blacklist, various bug fixes.
* [[Jaman]] updated with [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] support.
* [[ATVFiles]] 1.2.1 released with [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] support.
* [[AtvPwn]] 2.0 [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] Support.
* [[NitoTV Take 2]] 0.7.6: [[AppleTV OS 2.4]] Support.
* '''[[AppleTV OS 2.4]]''' New AppleTV OS release 2.4
'''Archived 21st Nov. 2009 '''
'''Archived 21st Nov. 2009 '''
* [[EmulatorsPlugIn]] 2.0: Implemented sub-folders, increased speed, fixed memory leaks
* [[EmulatorsPlugIn]] 2.0: Implemented sub-folders, increased speed, fixed memory leaks

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Archived 11th Oct. 2010

Archived 21st Nov. 2009

  • EmulatorsPlugIn 2.0: Implemented sub-folders, increased speed, fixed memory leaks
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.5: TVComposite installer bug fix (PAL installed properly now), File sorting (Date Modified Ascending/Descending, File Size Ascending/Descending), Settings organization, Major file browsing crash bugfix, rudimentary document viewing support (doc, rtf, txt, partial pdf support)
  • Jaman - an online movie rental site specializing in independent and foreign film - has released an updated version of their AppleTV player that lets you synch Jaman and other movies to your AppleTV
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.4: kernel extension manager, up/down override, TVComposite installer, remote USB patch query for future OS updates.
  • AtvPwn 1.8 Patches with authentication, bug fixes.
  • Picture Memory, version 0.5 released. This is a proof of concept.
  • SoftwareMenu 0.9.1 with a drastically improved Updater and install menu. New: Tweaks Menu, Rowmote support (virtual remote on iphone), Photo Browser, Custom screensaver and more. Photo Browser Fix
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.3 Individual package installer, major smart installer bug fix, custom pictures in installer section
  • PatchStickBuilder 1.0 Beta3, Multi platform application to create the free base version of Patchstick 3.0 with only a few clicks. Works now for OS X and Windows environments.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.2 Services section, bug fixes, tbz installer added to smart installer + more
  • DVDpedia FrontRow and AppleTV plug-in 2.0.4 released with AppleTV 2.3.1 support.
  • Transmission on AppleTV A step-by-step guide on how to install the bit torrent client and its web interface on an Apple TV.
  • How to install SlingPlayer on AppleTV A step-by-step guide on how to install SlingPlayer on an Apple TV.
  • PatchStickBuilder 1.0 Beta, Application to create the free base version of Patchstick 3.0 with only a few clicks in a Windows environment.
  • AtvPwn 1.5 Second release, now with plugins manager. Desktop program that will download and patch a chosen AppleTV OS and scp it to your AppleTV.
  • SoftwareMenu 0.8 Works for 2.3.1. Can be used to upgrade and downgrade the OS (and patch it: no need to repatchstick). Can move from 2.0.2 to 2.3.1. Can move the order of the menu items, and still do all that it used to.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.1 Compatibility bug fixes, 2.3.1 support, and more.
  • AppleTV OS 2.3.1 has been RELEASED.
  • EmulatorsPlugIn 1.4: Screen release in AppleTV 2.3, ROM artwork, more AppleScripts, file extension filtering
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.7.0 Memory management improvements, Leopard Support, UI RSS feed editing, RSS feed images, time per slide edit + more
  • LaunchMore 0.2 A new plugin that combines script engine, RSS reader, application launcher and other useful system tools

Archived 25th June 2009

  • EmulatorsPlugIn 1.3: Fixed "An error has occurred" bug with AppleTV 2.3, added AppleScript support
  • EmulatorsPlugIn 1.2: Fixed bug where emulator did not become visible, added user configurable preferences
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.6.5 Fixed a bug with screen capture in DVD playback for 2.3. Recent Files now include DVD's as well. Added icons for recent files and weather.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.6.4: Bug fixes, Perian 1.1.3 Install, Smart Installer updates, screen release improvements
  • Sapphire 1.0b6.5 has been released now supporting ATV 2.3.
  • ATVFiles 1.2.0: Support for Apple TV 2.2 and 2.3
  • CreateUser Create standard user on your appleTV
  • Couchsurfer 0.6 released with AppleTV 2.3 support
  • EmulatorsPlugIn 1.1: Filtered hidden files, Switched to using SNES9X
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.6.2: Limited 2.3 support / USB watchdog patch updates, misc updates / bugfixes
  • ATVUSB-Creator/ATV-Win 1.0.b10 released!
  • AppleTV OS 2.3 has been RELEASED.
  • SoftwareMenu 0.74 bug fixes looks improvement. should now work on 2.0,2.1 and 2.2 (supposedly)
  • ATVUSB-Creator for Windows (atv-win) released!
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.6.1: Recent Items, 1080i DVD Aspect Fix (hopefully), Other bug fixes
  • SoftwareMenu 0.71 bug fixes (especially for 2.2).
  • SoftwareMenu 0.7 Looks nicer, fixed some bugs. mostly usable under 2.2 added untrusted read notes
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.6: screen release bug fixed
  • OSupdate ATV upgrade or downgrade tool to any ATVOS version
  • SoftwareMenu 0.51 has been released. TV based plugin manager. take a look and tell me if there is a problem

Archived Pre 25th June 2009

  • NitoTV 0.3.1 released - Pizza on Demand major improvements (multiple pizzas, sides, etc), Improved playlist navigation, straight to files improved, dvd alerts, Perian installer updated for 1.1 and more.
  • ATVFiles 1.0.2 released.
  • AppleTV Take 2 delayed quoting Apple "not quite finished and will now be available in another week or two." This puts ETA around 5th Feb or 12th Feb.
  • Sapphire Beta 5 Released Details.
  • ATVFiles 1.0.1 released.
  • NitoTV 0.3.0 Released - Pizza on Demand, Data store changes, vastly improved playlist management/playback , dvd improvements, file copying, WebKit installer, Weather manager and the Straight to files mode.
  • AppleTV Take 2 announced at MWSF. Software update with allows rentals/iTMS purchases right on the device/.Mac web gallery/Flickr screensavers/etc. Supposedly dropping in two weeks.
  • ATVFiles 1.0.0 released, and is now open source.
  • Sapphire is now an open source project Details.
  • Sapphire Beta 4.2 Released Details.
  • NitoTV 0.2.7 - RSS feeds, Weather forecast, self updater, ROM screenshots and as always bug fixes.
  • Control with Iphone and PocketPC - Remote control the AppleTV using an iPhone or PocketPC
  • Sapphire Beta 4 Released! - Run it on your AppleTV -OR- Leopard Mac -(Screenshots)
  • Apple TV Binaries for download (+ compiling HowTo)
  • NitoTV 0.2.6 Released - More emulators (GameBoy Advanced and Game Gear), Freeze/Defrost emulator states, fixed broken symbolic link lockup bug.
  • Synergy Remote keyboard and mouse for ATV over TCP/IP
  • Patchstick + Leopard are Incompatible. Need help to get this working.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5 FINAL Released - EMULATORS (NES/SNES/Genesis), UI editor for suffixes/file extensions, UI editor for mplayer arguments, UI editor for volume blacklists, nice new icons, music now playing indicator, ITunesFS installer, file suffixes removed from the file listing, console log changes, and of course bug fixes.
  • ATVGen v1.0.1.4 Released, ATVFiles Metadata generator.
  • Beginner's Guide has been added.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b10 released, Music playback, photo streaming, new mplayer, unplayed markers, QuickTime volume control/sub toggling/audio selection/OSD, major bug fixes (99.99% on the screen release..) and much more
  • Citrix How to install the Citrix Client for Max OSX and connect to Citrix Web Interface published through Citrix Secure Gateway
  • Streamer 0.1.2 released, now includes AppleTV v1.1
  • Activating color Composite output by software
  • ATVFiles 0.5.1 released
  • Step by step guide to getting Firefox running on your AppleTV with a USB Keyboard and mouse.
  • Step by Step Guide to Playing DivX Files from a NAS‎: A compilation of several sources of information into one page. Simple and easier to follow than Turbo's kextloader.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b9 released, Smart update from intel mounts, hide file sizes, easy USB patching, volume blacklists, custom mounts and SEVERAL big bug fixes
  • ATVFiles 0.5.0 released
  • JamanTV plugin released. View movies from Jaman, an alternative movie download service on your AppleTV
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b8 released, Smart Installer!, Safe Update, Shuffle Playlists, view the console log, bug fixes, Cover Art Regeneration and more!
  • Sapphire Beta 4 Preview - See what's coming.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b7 released, QuickTime playlist support, mixed playback support (some extensions in mplayer, some in QuickTime) New installation manager for Perian and additional mplayer codecs, bug fixes, shortcuts and more...
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b6 released, Initial metadata support, DVD and delete contextual menus, Perian download/installation AND support. Framework stub moving, patch privileged frameworks, sort fixes (hopefully), and various other tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Stream Audio to AppleTV Use Soundfly to stream audio from Mac to AppleTV
  • Step by Step instructions for Safe Update
  • BlockingSpam - Please!
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b5 released, DVD Importing, framework fixing, partial German localization, proper preference configuration, new mplayer, removal of lidvdnav, improved network error checking, and most importantly LOTS of bug fixes.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b4 released, cover art auto-generation and display! (finally) unmounting/unlinking and various bug fixes.
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b3 released, automatic linking to mounted devices, auto mount USB at startup and important networking bug fixes.
  • Mount a Remote Drive via SMBFS‎ works with mount_smbfs and smbfs.kext now (thanks Turbo!)
  • NitoTV 0.2.5b2 released, DVD playback ISO support, mount_smbfs support, major bugfixes
  • Enable USB Storage & Enable Bluetooth Guides are up.
  • ATVFiles 0.4.0 released, with an audio player like Apple's.
  • EyeTV runs on Apple TV!
  • Safe Update Instructions updated to include iPhotoAccess.framework
  • Sapphire Beta 3 released. Now supporting ATVFiles XML & Cover art... or fetch your own!
  • Perian 1.0 released. Adding support for h.264 high profile, mkv, a52codec, subtitles, ...
  • Axie 0.1.0 Beta released. Edit xml metadata and cover arts.
  • ATVWakeOnLan v0.1.1 released with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • Applications Menu v1.1.5 released with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • ATVTorrents 1.0.1 released with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • BackRow Developers' Kit 1.1 released, with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • ATV Loader 1.0.7 released, with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • NitoTV 0.2.2 released, with Apple TV 1.1 support.
  • Safe Update instructions that retain mods.
  • Dissection of the YouTube Patch has begun.
  • Apple roll out first software update for the AppleTV, adding YouTube functionality and removes any modifications. link.
  • ATVTorrents 1.0.1 released. An AppleTV plugin that will install and manage rtorrent on AppleTV
  • NAS via Ethernet on a Primarily Wireless Network How to hook up a NAS up to the ethernet port while retaining wireless access for everything else
  • Applications Menu v1.1.4 released with VLC support
  • How To Install rTorrent instructions are now available.
  • Joost Running Joost on AppleTV.
  • MythTV MythTV works on AppleTV.
  • MediaGrabber 1.5 released adding automagic ATVFiles XML download support.
  • A series of Tubes brings YouTube on the Apple TV
  • XBOX Media Center (XBMC) headed for Apple TV
  • Xgrid running on AppleTV. Engadget takes notice.
  • How to get iTunes to sync other video formats.
  • Streamer, a plugin that lets you listen to streaming internet radio on your AppleTV has been released!
  • The AwkwardTV project launches its forums!
  • Emulation Nintendo Emulator running on atv
  • $1000 Bounty offered for external USB drive hack.
  • Plug-in directory
  • Linux on Apple TV-- Linux kernel loader from gimli; we have full hardware support (accelerated video, wireless, USB).
  • "Mac nano": Mac OS X can run on Apple TV, Google video.

Note: Some features may be non-operational with semthex's legal kernel recompile.

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