Apple TV OS 10.4.7

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Build version and kernel

This is the operating system that is driving the Apple TV out of the box:

System Version: Apple TV OS 10.4.7 (8N5107)
Kernel Version: Darwin 8.8.2
Boot Volume: OSBoot
Computer Name: AppleTV

This is the uname -a output:

appletv.home 8.8.2 Darwin Kernel Version 8.8.2: Mon Jan 29 18:57:29 PST 2007; root:xnu-792.94.18~1/RELEASE_I386 i386 i386

/System/Library/CoreServices/ does not contain the real Finder, but the Apple TV GUI. This is a custom application not available on Macintoshes.

Enable real Finder

(please insert here)


See the full file list of a virgin Apple TV here.

Protected files

The Apple TV runs Apple binary-protected binaries:

otool -l /System/Library/CoreServices/
Load command 0
      cmd LC_SEGMENT
  cmdsize 56
  segname __PAGEZERO
   vmaddr 0x00000000
   vmsize 0x00001000
  fileoff 0
 filesize 0
  maxprot 0x00000000
 initprot 0x00000000
   nsects 0
    flags 0x4
Load command 1
      cmd LC_SEGMENT
  cmdsize 532
  segname __TEXT
   vmaddr 0x00001000
   vmsize 0x00050000
  fileoff 0
 filesize 327680
 maxprot 0x00000007
 initprot 0x00000005
   nsects 7
    flags 0x8