AppleTV Take 2

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For an introduction of the new features, have a look at the Macworld 2008 keynote:

The part about Apple TV 2 starts at 00:29:00.

The Apple TV product page has been updated to show the new menus (user interface):

What we Know

  • Software Update for Apple TV has been released on Feb. 12th 2008.
  • Apple TV can now behave like an Airport Express and appear in the iTunes speaker list. (awesome!)
  • Patchstick boots up but SSH access couldn't be established at the moment.
  • Recovery Parition remains at whatever it was orginally (no downgrade back to 1.0 problems)
  • It will nuke any custom modifications (AFP/SSH/Plugins)

What we Don't Know

Ideas come Release

  • diff the update to a clean 1.1 install
  • diff the update to a Safe 1.1 Update
  • determine if a Safe 2.0 Update can be performed
  • Test current frappliances on 2.0 (both clean 2.0 install and Safe 2.0 Update)
  • Building a Patchstick from 2.0 Update (or combined with 1.1 Update) without the need of Intel-Mac files