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* [[ATVFiles]] (run installer script)
* [[ATVFiles]] (run installer script)
* [[NitoTV Take 2]]
* [[NitoTV Take 2]]
* [[SoftwareMenu]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Released Febraury 25, 2009


No information yet. Expect plugins to break. Users on Twitter and other sources report patchstick is working to re-enable ssh access after the update.


Confirmed working in 2.3.1:

External Links

Developer Notes

None yet.

Important Notes

If you want to downgrade to 2.3 after updating to 2.3.1 do the following.

1) Download the 2.3 software from Apple.

2) Prevent your Apple TV from updating to 2.3.1 on its own in the future.

   sudo bash -c 'echo "       mesu.apple.com" >> /etc/hosts'

3) Copy the disk image into /Users/frontrow/Updates. Note that the Updates directory gets deleted after each update, so don't leave anything in there that you want to keep.

4) Download osupdate into /Users/frontrow

5) run:

    chmod u+x osupdate
    sudo ./osupdate