AppleTV OS 2.2

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Released on 3rd October 2008.


  • Dual Audio Support for Movie files (while holding Play/Pause whilst playing movie files)
  • Genius playlist feature (activated by holding Play/Pause whilst playing a song)
  • Fixes Security Bug in Quicktime that could lead to code execution.
  • Music Video playlists
  • On-the-Go Playlists
  • Standby Option
  • HD TV Show Playback and Purchase

Patchstick & AFP

  • Patchstick works (ssh can be enabled as always)
  • works to enable AFP access



Questions & Answers

Q: How do I keep my hacked AppleTV from updating to OS 2.2?

A: See this link

Q: If I choose to update to OS 2.2 will it disable SSH access and blow away all the installed software (Sapphire, NitoTV, etc)?

A: YES. If you want everything to work DO NOT UPGRADE (at least until the plugins you use have been updated).

Developer Notes

  • pageUsageHash is gone from BREvent
  • BRVideoPlayerController is gone
  • BRSimpleMediaAsset is gone
  • kBREventUsageContinualRight and kBREventUsageContinualLeft both gone

Other Info

dmg name: 2Z694-5499.dmg
md5: 99813c4f831ac7f0719aabbc2d92c044

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