AppleTV FrontRow on Intel Mac

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Running AppleTV's FrontRow on your intel mac

0. Check whether this is covered by your license.

1. Mount the OSBoot partition from an AppleTV.

2. Open up a finder window, and go into the OSBoot image that you just mounted. Navigate to the /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder and copy the found there to your DESKTOP.

3. Now, right-click on the on your desktop, click "show package contents", and navigate to /Contents/MacOS/ . Find the "Finder" file you downloaded earlier (the one without the extension, the patch file) and drag it into this folder. Let the old one be replaced. Now rename this file to "Front Row". Go back a directory (/Contents) and double-click on "Info.plist". Expand the root and change the value of "CFBundleExecutable" from "Finder" to "Front Row".

4. Close the Finder window and rename the Finder app that we were just working on to "Front Row".

5. Fire up old Terminal and go into the folder we were just using. The command should look something like this:

cd /Users/[username goes here]/Desktop/Front\

(the backslash is to escape the space character)

6. In Terminal set these permissions for the "Front Row" file:

sudo chown root:wheel Front\ Row
sudo chmod 755 Front\ Row

(you need the backslash to escape the space character)

7. Head over to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ in your OSBoot image that should still be mounted in the finder, and drag iPhotoAccess.framework and BackRow.framework to your desktop. It will give you an error about special permissions, just hit continue.

8. After that we need to add these frameworks to your OS X system. Go back to Terminal, "cd" to your Desktop and run these commands:

sudo cp -pr ./iPhotoAccess.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/.
sudo cp -pr ./BackRow.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/.

(periods included)

9. Log out and log back in. At this point we should have a working Front that would launch the apple TV interface if you clicked it. HOWEVER, we can't terminate appleTV when we're using it so we need to set a mouse trigger to quit it for us when it's running.

10. Download SteerMouse ( ). Install & reboot.

12. Download PascalW's amazing appleTV closing app:

13. Open up steermouse in system preferences. You'll see the different mappings for the buttons on your mouse. To make SteerMouse truly invisible and only used for appleTV, I recommend these settings: -Leave left button as "Click" -Leave right button as "Contextual Menu" -Change the middle button option to Click Action - > Middle Click -Change the side button to Click Action -> Default Click Now SteerMouse won't conflict with your normal mouse & keyboard settings in system prefs. We want to create a new application profile for appleTV. At the top of the window, select the drop-down menu and click "add/remove applications". Go to "Add" and browse to your modified Front on your desktop (or wherever else you decided to put it). Click OK, and now select your new Front Row profile from the drop down box at the top. Pick any button on your mouse to be your exit trigger for appleTV (i picked the side button) and tell it to open the Close Apple file you downloaded earlier, wherever you put it. The rest of the buttons should be set to "same as default". I also recommend going into the "Cursor" tab in SteerMouse and disabling "automatic moving" (in the default profile)

14. Finally, we need to give the apple tv closer-app your default resolution so it can switch it back once you're done with appleTV (appleTV uses a lower resolution). Navigate to Close Apple, right-click, and show contents. Go to /Contents/Resources/Scripts/ and open resolution.txt. The first line is the width in pixels (on my iMac it's 1680) and the second line is the height (1050 for me). The third line is the refresh rate, but don't bother with that unless you're using a CRT. Save the text file.

OK! For those who just want a standalone app you're done! Double-click on Front and it should launch appleTV - use the mousekey set earlier to quit. make sure you're not listening to any music or watching any content before you quit, because it could corrupt the files.

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