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[http://www.appletvdb.com AppleTVDB.com] has launched.
[www.appletvdb.com AppleTVDB.com] has launched.

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[www.appletvdb.com AppleTVDB.com] has launched.


AppleTVDB was created to satisfy a huge need for resource files for modified Apple TV’s. Apple TV’s modified to allow arbitrary playback of any file using the ATVFiles plug-in optionally require an XML file to be created that displays movie and TV show metadata next to the selected movie.

Overtime this site will become a database of resources but initially will just serve up XML files of user-submitted XML description files. See this link for the formats and email your submissions to submit@appletvdb.com

All valid XML file submissions will be posted on the site and will be easily searchable.

Any site feedback, tips etc can be emailed to admin@appletvdb.com or leave a comment.

Initially, the success of this site is going to be based on advanced users submitting the XML files. Over the next few weeks we will implement a simple form that any user can fill in and it will generate and save the XML file to the site and for your own use. The site will always remain free.

As the AppleTV phenomenon catches on, AppleTVDB.com will be there to provide any resource files necessary to make your life easier.