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Key combinations on the Apple Remote:

Official listing from Apple

To Do this
Move through the menu options Press Menu up/scroll (+) or Menu down/scroll (-)
Select an option from a menu Press Select/Play/Pause button
Return to a previous menu Press the Menu button
Return to the main menu Press and hold Menu
Put Apple TV in standby mode Press and hold Select/Play/Pause for about 6 seconds
Restart Apple TV Press and hold Menu and Menu down/scroll (-) for about 6 seconds and then choose Restart from the menu
Cycle through all video modes Press and hold Menu and Menu up/scroll (+) for about 6 seconds

User Contributions

Holding the Menu and << keys down

Unpair the remote. This will work from any Apple Remote so is particularly handy if you lose your remote. You can unpair the remote by holding the Menu and << keys down together until an unlock icon shows in the top left-hand corner of the screen

Holding the Menu and >> keys down

Pair the remote. Just a shortcut to pair the Apple Remote with the Apple TV

Holding the Menu and + keys down

This seems to minimize the main Apple Menu and bring up a menu to walk through the possible display resolutions including:

  1. 480p
  2. 576p - 50Hz
  3. 720p HD
  4. 1080i HD
  5. 720p HD - 60 Hz
  6. 1080i HD 50Hz
  7. (The current non-standard resolution if you've got one set through System Preferences)

The Apple TV will walk through each resolution (one every 10 seconds) until you either hit Menu (to exit), or use the On-Screen menu to select a specific resolution, hit OK, or Cancel.

Holding the Menu and - keys down

Restarts the Apple TV

Holding the play key down

Puts the Apple TV to sleep.

Note: You can still ssh in without waking the display up.

Question: (But how does one wake it up via ssh?) --College 08:58, 24 April 2007 (CEST)