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AirMagic - For AppleTV 4G Take 4
Current Version: 1.0

Release date: April 8th, 2016
Current as of: April 11th, 2016

AirMagic is a mobile substrate plugin that runs a basic webserver to receive and relay IOHIDEvents for remote control and text entry on AppleTV 4.

This appliance is Copyright © 2016 nito llc. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log

1.0 2016 04 08

  • Initial Release, Basic support for left, right, up, down, menu, play, select and text entry.

Install Instructions

1. NitoTV_Take_4#Install_Instructions

2. Install AirMagic from featured list

3. nitoTV-> Settings -> Respring (if it doesn't work after this, try reboot instead)

Additional Notes

If you have not changed your hostname http://apple-tv.local from any web browser on any device on the same network as your AppleTV should take you to a web control page.

There are also native iOS, Mac applications and Alpha Windows client available to control AirMagic server, i you don't want to install these applications and cannot get connections to work i recommend Bonjour Browser, there you can search for _airmagic._tcp. to get the host name or IP address for the AppleTV (and to verify the airmagic server is working properly)

API Information

Due to the fact AirMagic is just a basic web server, pretty much anything that can send HTTP requests can be a client for AIrMagic. In this current incarnation there are only 3 base commands that do anything for AirMagic at the moment.


accepts any of the following. ie http://apple-tv.local/remoteCommand=left

selectH (like clicking and holding main remote selection button)


send a percent encoding escaped string to enter it into any visible text field.

ie http://apple-tv.local/enterText=search

will put the string "search" in any visible text field.

Client Downloads

If you are jailbroken you an add the nitosoft beta repo: to custom sources Cydia and then install com.nito.airmagicclient

Source Code


Donations are very appreciated and will insure this projects future.