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AwkwardTV Loader Appliance
Version 1.0.8
June 26th, 2007

This appliance is Copyright © 2007 Alan Quatermain. All Rights Reserved.


This appliance will enable you to download and install new appliances from the comfort of your armchair. It accesses the AwkwardTV Plugin List and uses the information there to browse and install new appliance plugins. It also provides the ability to dynamically enable and disable both SSH and AFP support, and is able to install sshd if it is not already present. At present, however, it is recommended that users install their own version of sshd; in a future release this appliance will have the option of installing Dropbear sshd instead, which is known to be more reliable than the OpenDarwin version currently included.

The appliance was designed to be the payload installed by the Patchstick. The reasoning behind this is that the Patchstick should plug in, show a nice video, and ask the user to reboot