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Version 0.4.0 (22)
July 23, 2007

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Copyright (c) 2007 Eric Steil III (


Simple file browser plugin for Apple TV Finder. Think XBMC, it can play video files without transcoding and syncing/streaming them.

Please note that ATVFiles does not provide the codecs. Perian ( and A52Codec ( are highly recommended to be installed to provide support for a wide variety of codecs.


See for more details.


Engadget has posted a pretty good tutorial on setting ATVFiles up from scratch on an unmodified Apple TV:

1. Copy ATVFiles.frappliance to this folder: /System/Library/CoreServices/ on the Apple TV. You may want to create a symlink from there to some more convenient place.

2. Restart Finder. The command ps awx|grep [F]inder will list the PID as the first number, then running kill PID will kill it. The Finder will be automatically restarted.

If you have the Apple TV drive mounted on your local system, the correct path is on the OSBoot volume.

If you have the drive installed in the Apple TV, you will likely have to mount the root partition as read-write (using sudo /sbin/mount -uw /) to copy it. The command sudo /sbin/mount -ur / will reverse the above action.


Enter the new "Files" menu on the main menu.

It lists files in /Users/frontrow/Movies, so mount or put your video files in that folder. If there is nothing in the "Movies" folder the Files menu will not show up in the main menu.


Cover Art

ATVFiles looks for cover art in either JPG, TIFF, or PNG formats. It looks for specific filenames of the following formats (the jpg extension is an example, and can be either jpg, tif, tiff, or png):

For folders: Either folder.jpg or cover.jpg in the folder.

For other files: The same as the filename without the extension, and the image extension (jpg, tif, tiff, png). For instance, anchorman-xvid.avi would look for anchorman-xvid.jpg for cover art.


The preferences can be set using the defaults command, such as:

 defaults write net.ericiii.ATVFiles RootDirectory /mnt/Server

To change a boolean preference, use:

 defaults write net.ericiii.ATVFiles EnableAC3Passthrough -bool YES

Finder needs to be restarted to pick up any changes.

The preferences available are:

RootDirectory: The path it looks at when first entering the plugin.

Defaults to /Users/frontrow/Movies (or whatever user the ATV interface is running as, i.e. frontrow on Apple TV)

EnableAC3Passthrough: Boolean, enable AC3 passthrough support in A52Codec (see 0.3.0 release notes for details)

Default: NO

EnableFileDurations: Boolean, disable scanning files for their duration, as it can be slow.

Default: YES

ShowFileExtensions: Boolean, show filename extensions

Default: YES

ShowFileSize: Boolean, show file size

Default: YES

ShowUnplayedDot: Boolean, show the blue unplayed dot

Default: YES

VideoExtensions: Array of file extensions (without leading ".") that are video files.

Default: (m4v, 3gp, m3u, pls, divx, xvid, avi, mov, wmv, asx, asf, ogm, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mkv, avc, flv, dv, fli, m2v, ts)

AudioExtensions: Array of file extensions (without leading ".") that are audio files.

Default: (m4b, m4a, mp3, wma, wav, aif, aiff, flac, alac, m3u, mp2)

ResumeOffset: Integer, number of seconds to add to the bookmark time when resuming. Negative will go back in time.

Default: 0

Note: Files with extensions not listed in either VideoExtensions or AudioExtensions are not displayed. Just because an extension is listed does not mean it will play without appropriate components installed, the list is mostly copied from XBMC.

When updating the VideoExtensions and AudioExtensions pref, you must include all default items (if you want them), the defaults will not be used if you override them. You also must use the array options (-array and -array-add) to defaults to update them. The extensions should also be listed in lowercase.

The list of extensions is also used to determine which player (video or audio) is used for playback.

XML Metadata Format

The xml file is looked for along side the video file (and cover art), with the same name and an "xml" extension. That is, "anchorman-divx.avi" will look for "anchorman-divx.xml".

Not all of the fields are shown in the UI, this just represents the data stored and available internally.

Example file, see the wiki for more complete examples:

 <media type="TV Show">
   <summary>Summary of Media</summary>
   <description>Description of Media</description>
   <seriesName>Veronica Mars</seriesName>
   <broadcaster>The CW</broadcaster>
     <genre primary="true">Mystery</genre>
     <name>Kristen Bell</name>
     <name>Rob Thomas</name>
     <name>Rob Thomas</name>

Random Notes about the data:

  • All these are optional
  • duration is only to override if the QuickTime scanning gets it wrong, otherwise it should not be used.
  • rating will display graphics for the usual ones (R, TV-PG, etc.)
  • the type attribute has some control over the values shown in the metadata, possible values are "Song", "Music Video", "Podcast", "Movie", "TV Show", "Audio Book". The default type is Movie
  • published is the original air date for TV Shows
  • not all values are actually used for display, regardless of the "type", but all are stored

For some examples, see ATVFiles XML Metadata

Release Notes

0.4.0 (22) July 23, 2007

  • Add new icon from Telusman.
  • Proper music playback with fancy UI.
  • Fixed holding files open, preventing deletion.
  • Actually set the A52Codec passthrough preference on startup, for real (AC3 passthrough should work now without setting the com.cod3r.a52codec preference).
  • Gracefully handle XML files in a format other than expected.
  • No longer stores a bookmark time when a file has been completely played.
  • Use mplayer for duration checking, should be somewhat faster overall now, at the expense of a much larger download size.
  • Disable sound effects when playing back video with AC3 passthrough enabled
  • Reverted directory scanning code, should cope better with non-ASCII filenames.
  • Stop music playback when starting video/exiting ATVFiles.

0.3.2 (14) June 20, 2007

  • Update for compatibility with the Apple TV 1.1 update.

0.3.1 (13) May 20, 2007

  • Add resume feature to 0.3.0 release notes.
  • Fix problem with disabling file duration scanning ignoring duration specified in XML file.
  • Add ResumeOffset preference to allow offsetting the resume time.
  • Fix crash with changing media type in XML.

0.3.0 (12) May 19, 2007

  • Remember last playback position and offer to resume resume.
  • Show blue dots next to unplayed files
  • Read metadata from an XML file alongside the media file (like coverart)
    • See above for the format
  • Add EXPERIMENTAL AC3 Passthrough support with the EnableAC3Passthrough preference when using optical audio out.
    • This requires Perian 1.0.
    • Will not work properly for non-48k sample rate AC3 tracks, as it sets the sample rate to 48000 on startup and leaves it there. These, however, are rare.
  • Fix stripping extensions from folder names
  • Use home directory of current user instead of hardcoding /Users/frontrow/Movies
  • Hide the files "Icon\r" (folder icons), "Desktop DB" and "Desktop DF" from listings
  • Revert to showing on all sources, not just local
    • Can be changed by adjusting the value of FRRemoteAppliance in Info.plist
  • Include fix from alan_quatermain to allow the main menu to scroll if there are a bunch of items

0.2.2 (8) April 11, 2007

  • Added French and Spanish localizations
  • Fix problem with absolute symlinks
  • Use natural sorting for files with numbers
  • Add preferences to hide filename extensions and file sizes

0.2.1 (6) April 8, 2007

  • Added Japanese localizations
  • Fixed case-sensitivity when matching valid filename extensions
  • Fixed a minor problem with certain symlinks
  • Changed EnableFileDurations default to NO until metadata is cached
  • Fixed not finding cover art when folder name contains [, ], ? or *.

0.2.0 (5) April 8, 2007

  • Don't show the menu item when viewing remote sources
    • This can be changed by setting the value of FRRemoteAppliance in Info.plist to