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ripstop is a process running on the Apple TV; there are references to the Watchdog…

strings /OSBoot/usr/bin/ripstop

tcoWdGetCtl failed
tcoWdGetCtl returns %x
counter not running - thought it was
counter running - thought it was not
getpwnam(%s) was NULL
setgid returned NZ
setuid returned NZ
tcoWdLoadTimer failed
tcoWdEnableTimer failed
tcoWdDisableTimer failed
unrecognized notification
IOServiceGetMatchingServices returned not success, 0x%x
Failed to find service object
IOCreatePlugInInterfaceForService failed
QueryInterface failed
tcoWdOpen failed
tcoWdSetTimer failed
Yes. ripstop is the program that keeps the watchdog from rebooting; it's the one that sends messages to AppleTCOWatchdog to keep it from rebooting. However, if you kextunload the AppleTCOWatchdog kext, it will probably disable the watchdog chip and you will no longer need to run ripstop.

Whats about disabling watchdog with ATV 1.1 ? I tryed everything but always restart after while.

I too have a rebooting problem when disabling Watchdog and unloading the kext file. Even setting the kext file into rc.local does not change the rebooting time on th v1.1 system. --Gonkyhead 13:08, 11 December 2007 (CET)

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