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The AppleTV should make an ideal platform on which to play DVD content stored nearby on some networked storage. Features should include:

  • Accessing DVD content from either VIDEO_TS folders or ISO images of DVDs
  • Browsing of DVD libraries on one or more remote desktop machines or storage servers
  • Cover art
  • Display of other metadata such as actors, directors etc.

Having been thinking about this for a while it seems that there are two plausible paths:

Both cases will require some user interface work but it seems likely that the later option will be a smaller task since the DVD functionality is more neatly packaged. There is also a handy example on which to base this work provided by Apple.

Open questions:

  • What should the user interface look like, given the limitations of the Apple remote control?
  • What is the legal position of reusing Apple's DVD Playback Framework?
  • What features are needed or desirable for the DVD library navigation?
  • Would it be possible to connect a external USB DVD-ROM to playback from?
    • If so, should we also add functionality to rip DVDs and put them back onto the networked storage?