How To 'Enable' Mouse Cursor/Pointer on the AppleTV

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Step 1

Download MouseLocator and extract from the package the System Preferences panel. You have to mount the image, then you have to show the contents of Mouse Locator v1.1 Installer package (ctrl-clic > Show Package Contents) and then copy the file MouseLocator.prefPane from Contents/Resources/Distribution/ to your Desktop.

Alternatively, download the MouseLocator.dmg file and copy it to the AppleTV. Mount it with the following command

sudo hdiutil mount MouseLocator.dmg

and then copy the files from the mounted /Volumes/Mouse Locator v1.1 directory

Step 2

Now copy the file MouseLocator.prefPane to /Library/PreferencePanes on your Apple TV, if you dont have that folder, just create it. (note: I had to copy it to ~/Library/PreferencePanes in order for it to appear in System Preferences)

Step 3

Now you can copy MouseLocator.png to /Users/frontrow/Pictures on your Apple TV.

Step 4

Run System Preferences, on your Apple TV and select Mouse Locator: select Turn on and put a check on Always Turn On. This will be extra fun as you can't see your mouse pointer to select the check-boxes and have to guess! Now, you should have a cursor. If you want to disable it you could just turn it off.

You can select a hot-key to allow you to toggle the cursor on/off at your wish, so that the mouse locator won't show in movies played by NitoTV. In this case, don't check the Always Turn On.