AppleTV OS 2.2

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Released on 3rd October 2008.


  • Genius playlist feature (activated by holding Play/Pause whilst playing a song)
  • Fixes Security Bug in Quicktime that could lead to code execution.
  • Music Video playlists
  • On-the-Go Playlists
  • Standby Option
  • HD TV Show Playback and Purchase

Patchstick & AFP

  • Patchstick works (ssh can be enabled as always)
  • works to enable AFP access



  • No plugins reported as working yet.

Not working

  • Sapphire seems to work but crashes when you activate a menu option
  • ATVFiles sends Finder into an endless reboot loop.
    • Hint: don't re-run after re-enabling ssh on an ATV 2.2. If you do happen to do this and you find that Finder is endlessly restarting, try downloading and running an older version such as ATVFiles-1.0.take2a2. The older version will not enable ATVFiles but it will stop the endless restarting and you can access your regular ATV menus.
    • Might be good advice but I experinced the endless reboot on a clean install (factory restore 1.0, upgrade to 2.2, enable ssh, run ATVFiles installer)
  • nitoTV is reported as working by some, but official word is that it's not for 2.2 (if it works, it will will work only to play mplayer titles / playlists, but not quicktime)

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I keep my hacked AppleTV from updating to OS 2.2?

A: See this:

Developer Notes

  • pageUsageHash is gone from BREvent
  • BRVideoPlayerController is gone
  • BRSimpleMediaAsset is gone

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