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This page is under construction, but it will serve as a central hub for all information about tvOS and AirDrop implementation.


AirDrop works by default on tvOS in the AppleTV -> User direction without any jailbreak at all through some of the diagnostic / stackshotting features, that can be triggered by various 'Konami Codes' (to be documented later)


This project is the open source central hub of all AirDrop activity, it enables AirDrop easily in both directions via a variety of different moving pieces

  • AirDropHelper: Invisible app that listens for URL scheme airdropper:// to enable easy airdropping files from any application or binary
  • breezyd: LaunchDaemon that toggles AirDrop on & off and tracks preferences set via the settings bundle
  • Settings Bundle: Displays option in Settings - > Tweaks -> Breezy. Turn the server off and on and restarting sharingd are the options available
  • PineBoard & sharingd Tweaks: Inject into choice places to enable & create the missing parts of the AirDrop workflow

I won't bother further documenting this application, it is exhaustively documented on the github repository.

Related Projects

  • Ethereal - AirDrop a variety of video formats to play back automatically
  • AirPhoto - AirDrop a variety of photo formats to play back in slideshow automatically
  • Provenance: Support is added to AirDrop ROMs & BIOS files
  • RetroArch: Support is added to AirDrop ROMs & BIOS files
  • nitoTV: Support is added to AirDrop debian archive files
  • ReProvistionTV: Support is added to AirDrop IPA files